The Pug List

A Ridiculous Little Dog, A Family Who Lost Everything, And How They All Found Their Way Home

By Alison Hodgson

Oh my gosh I loved this book so much, I sat down to read a chapter or 2 to get a feel for the book after the UPS man delivered I and I had such a hard time putting it down. This book hooked me from page 1 and I was so sad when I finished it. I was kinda surprised I loved it so much since it is a non fiction book, they are usually so dry and just not very entertaining to me. However Alison Hodgson writing style makes this book read like a fiction book and it was wonderful. I can't even imagine losing your house to a fire, and then to have it be arson. I lost way to much sleep once The Pug List arrived and I'm totally OK with that. The Pug List is about how a family experiences a massive lose but doesn't fall apart, this lose only makes them stronger and makes them even closer. The daughter Eden was me when I was little and is now my 2 kids. She is such a strong girl and I could totally see me (back then and even now) and my girls thinking that after losing the house to a fire is the best time to get a dog. I actually kinda think it was a good time. Pets have a wonderful way of healing hearts, and their unconditional love and support is something that family needed. The Pug List is an emotional charged journey that lets you into the Alison Hodgson family and I just want to say thank you so much for letting me in for a bit. I loved this book and hope she writes more! I'll even read more non fiction if she writes it. :)

summary: “What if a wheezing, sneezing, allegedly house-trained, ticking time bomb of an orphan pug is the key to helping a family feel at home again, after an arsonist set their house—and life—on fire? If you asked me, I would have said it’s a bad idea; we can do better. Unfortunately no one asked me, and The Pug List is my family’s story.”

In the fire’s aftermath of insurance battles royal, rebuilding plans, parenting in the face of life’s hard questions and a scorching case of post-traumatic stress, now is absolutely theworst possible time to adopt a dog. But to Alison’s seven-year-old daughter, Eden, it’s the perfect time—and The Relentless Campaign begins.

Until one day Alison peeks inside Eden’s diary—dubbed “The Pug List”—and realizes in one fell swoop that her girl’s heart is on the line, and resistance is futile (“The pugs make me happy FOREVER.”).

Enter “Outrageous” Oliver, and the hilarity, healing, and irresistible hope that follows.

thank you so very much booklook bloggers and Zondervan for allowing me to read and review The Pug List. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the free book. 


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